Three Pack $23.99 – 3 tags



SearchAndReturn Property Recovery Tags with Unique ID Number – Lifetime Global Protection with Immediate Search and Investigation if Lost or Stolen (Carabiner Included)


  • OVER 80% RECOVERY RATE WITHIN 24 HOURS – Protect your property and identity with SearchAndReturn Recovery Tags. Simply attach the unique ID numbered Tag to anything you wish. Each tag displays a toll-free phone number, email address and website to make it easy for finders to report found items to our 24/7 global call center. This keeps you and your identity protected and secure. SearchAndReturn then collaborates with you and the finder in the safe return of the recovered item.
  • OUR DIFFERENCE – WE SEARCH AND INVESTIGATE LOST AND STOLEN PROPERTY. If you have a theft or loss, our former law enforcement professionals will immediately take on your case and work diligently to rapidly recover your missing property. Your case never goes cold with SearchAndReturn, we are always searching. We include the dedicated investigational services in the purchase price of each recovery tag. Our Investigations Team consists of seasoned former law enforcement professionals.
  • GLOBAL COVERAGE – SearchAndReturn recovery tags offer worldwide protection. Every tag has a unique ID number instead of your name & address – protecting your identity. Simple Registration, user-friendly website that makes it easy to register your unique ID number. The recovery tag is durable, strong plastic and weatherproof. Attach the recovery tag with the included carabiner to your luggage, bag, whatever item you want, and relax. We offer 24/7 reporting – Toll-free number with secure website.
  • LIFETIME LOSS PROTECTION – SearchAndReturn offers endless search, recoveries, and rewards per tag. Just one recovery of a missing item will pay for the entire service and more. NO SERVICE FEES – NO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, NO BATTERIES, NO APP, NO WEB BASED DIRECT CONTACT OR GPS LOCATION SENT TO YOU. When your missing item is located, we are notified. We keep your identity anonymous and secure until you decide otherwise. WE PROVIDE THE REWARD TO THE FINDER AT NO COST TO YOU.
  • THE REALITY – Lost items and minor property crime are not high on Law Enforcement’s investigative action priority list. Most agencies do not have the time or resources to investigate minor property loss. SearchAndReturn fills that investigative gap and works diligently on your behalf. Our search for your missing property never ends. SearchAndReturn even posts your missing item tag serial number, and any other unique identifiers, on the worldwide web with a reward offer.
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