You may complete this process via this website, email, or by contacting our 24/7 toll-free Call Center at 1-888-414-8598.

How to Report a Theft/Loss

1. Report loss/theft to authorities first if practical. Police / authority report is NOT mandatory to complete this report.

2. Report the loss/theft to Search And Return by submitting this online form. Prior recovery tag registration is NOT mandatory to complete this report.

3. You may also report the loss/theft by email at, or our toll-free 24/7 number 1-888-414-8598.

4. Provide contact information, police/authority report number (if applicable), and a serial number of the recovery tag (if known), plus details of the loss. A Search And Return investigator will then contact you.

5. NOTE: Our search never ends for your missing item(s). We do not close your file. As a result, we ask for your cooperation by notifying Search and Return immediately if you recover your missing item(s) during an active investigation.
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