Project Description

Your home is your castle, yet when someone violates this rule, not only is it traumatic, it can be down right dangerous. Home Invasions is a crime that threatens our basic belief that we are safest in our homes. Prevention and “trusting your instincts” are.

Here are 10 tips to “Target Harden”

(In other words, ” Don’t invite them into your home”)


Make sure your front and back doors are made of solid wood or metal. Install one-way peepholes at eye level.


Use dead bolts with a minimum one inch throw and 3 1 /2 ” screws in the strike plate.

Keep Your Doors Locked Always. Whether at home or not, keep all your doors locked.


Your door is only as strong as the frame. A metal frame is best, or at least reinforce it.


Cover windows and glass doors with security film or install Plexiglas on the inside. This makes the glass harder to break. Put Warning and Alarm stickers on your windows and doors as a deterrent.

Lighting (Criminals like working in the dark)

Motion sensors and/or keep porch lights on. Put security cages over lights to ensure they are not tampered with.


Don’t advertise you live alone. Make your home look like others live there. Don’t be predictable. Put a dog dish outside or put a mans working jacket in easy sight. Leave the TV or a talk radio station on.

Cordless Phone

Keep a cordless phone handy for remote calling.


Consider getting an alarm or panic alarm. Do your homework on this before committing.

Just Say No!

When responding to a knock on the door…and you’re not sure…Just Say No.