Project Description

Carjackers threaten armed violence. Or worse. But you can help protect yourself and your car by taking some simple precautions.
Here are 11 tips to “Protect Yourself From Carjackers”

TIP #1

Before getting into your car, pay attention to your surroundings, and be alert to nearby activity.

TIP #2

Always approach your car with your keys in hand.

TIP #3

Always check the back seat before opening your car.

TIP #4

Make sure doors you left locked are still locked when you return.

TIP #5

If someone is loitering near your car, don’t approach it.

TIP #6

Once you’re in your car, keep your door and windows locked.

TIP #7

Carry a cellular phone and know your emergency number for the police (911).

TIP #8

Avoid high crime areas especially after dark.

TIP #9

Be wary of people who approach your vehicle to ask for directions, or who try to hand you flyers etc.

TIP #10

When stopped in traffic, leave enough distance from the car in front of you to pull away quickly if necessary – if another car bumps you or if a tire goes flat, keep your doors and windows closed and locked, and either wait for the police to arrive or try to drive to a public place such as a gas station, convenience store, or the local cop shop.

TIP #11

Stop only at ATM’S that are well lighted and visible from the street – pull as close as possible, then check your mirrors and look outside before opening your windows.
If an armed carjacker confronts you – get out of the car immediately and do not resist. You can always get another car, but you can’t get another life.