Project Description

Most burglaries in our neighborhoods are caused by persons under the age of 18 years. They are not usually skilled professionals, but they do know how to take advantage of an “easy target”. Don’t make your house easy for them ….Make Your House Hard!

Have a look at these tips, and see if you can’t do a few things around the house and yard to make it tough for a burglar.

Here are 20 tips to “Prevent a Home Burglary”

TIP #1

Invest in solid doors that are at lease 1 ¾ inch thick, and good quality locks on doors and windows. Deadbolts are usually locked with a key from the outside, and a thumb turn on the inside. The cylinder should be pick resistant.

TIP #2

Keep garage doors closed and locked at all times.

TIP #3

Secure sliding doors and windows. Try cutting a broom handle to length of the bottom track so that the window or door will not slide open when forced.

TIP #4

Whenever you go outside, lock the door and take the key with you – even if you are just visiting next door or mowing the lawn.

TIP #5

Mark all of your expensive personal property with your Social Insurance number and photo or video them for insurance purposes.

TIP #6

Leave lights on when away – consider the use of a timer if you are on vacation

TIP #7

Do your own security check – go out on the street and view your own home. If shrubs block the view of your home, trim them.

TIP #8

Arrange to have someone pick up your newspapers/flyers, and mow lawn.

TIP #9

When away in the evening, leave radio or television set on and turn up the volume a bit. Talk shows are great.

TIP #10

Do not keep large amounts of cash in your home.

TIP #11

If someone comes to your door asking to use the telephone, make the call for them, don’t invite them in.

TIP #12

Use proper lighting around the house – especially over all outside door, and on the corners of the house.

TIP #13

Consider purchasing a motion sensor light.

TIP #14

Get a Dog – (it sure works in our house).

TIP #15

Place valuables out of sight.

TIP #16

Lock up ladders and tools that a burglar may use for his trade.

TIP #17

Install a door viewer so you know who is out there. Never open a door to a stranger.

TIP #18

If you move into a new house – change the locks.

TIP #19

Never leave an extra key outside – especially under the mat or planter.

TIP #20

Make your home appear as though someone is there all the time.