A. No. Registering your tag is optional, but highly recommended. We cannot link the recovery tag serial number to an owner unless registered.
If you have a loss and have not registered your tag, contact us at the time of loss and we will work with you best we can. However, please understand that without your contact information linked to your unique recovery tag serial number, we cannot proactively contact you.

A. We do not require a Police report to take action. We highly recommend you report loss or theft to Police.
A. No. When a missing item is located by Search And Return, or is reported found by a finder, Search And Return will make all reasonable attempts to contact the owner by phone and email until the owner is reached. Once we have made contact with the owner, we will provide the owner with safe practice considerations on how to pick-up the missing item (e.g. plan to meet inside police station/sheriff’s office lobby during office hours). The owner is responsible for pick-up of the item. Search And Return is not responsible for any logistics or costs associated to the return, pick-up, or shipping costs of the missing item.
A. Yes. In addition to the Search and Return gift pack that is provided as a reward, you can offer and provide an additional reward. If you notify us during the investigation, we can advertise this additional reward amount/incentive on any online lost and found postings we make. You are responsible for the logistics, payment, and all other steps and requirements in completing this additional reward.
A. No. If your missing property is not located, we continue to search. Your case never goes cold.
A. Yes, once the missing item is reported to Search and Return, we take action. When the recovery tag is first registered by the owner, it is recommended that additional information be provided about the piece of property linked to each serial numbered recovery tag. This could be the item’s VIN, serial number, model number or some other identifiable marking (including a photo of the item). We use this information, plus all other evidence gathered during the investigative process to search for the missing property. Here are some of the investigative steps we take regardless whether the recovery tag is visible, or not.