We Offer a Comprehensive Search for Your Missing Property on a Global Scale 24/7.

If you have a theft or loss, our former law enforcement professionals will rapidly respond on your behalf and work diligently to search, investigate, and recover your missing property.

What We Do?

A Team of Reliable Former law Enforcement Professionals Dedicated to Recovering Your Missing Property.

We protect your property and personal identity using a unique serial number per tag.

We offer a worldwide 24/7 coverage with reward offered for return and immediate contact when your missing property is recovered; bringing you peace of mind.

How It Works ?

Activate and Attach

Our Durable Recovery Tags Offer World Wide Protection. Attach the tag to identify and protect anything you wish.

Report Loss 24/7

Report theft or loss to us 24/7 by email, toll-free phone or web. Once we locate your missing item(s), we will contact you immediately to arrange a safe return.

Recovery & Reward

Upon return, we will provide the finder with a gift package as a reward. You may wish to provide a further reward.



80% recovery rate within 24 hours.

Former law enforcement professionals dedicated to recovering your missing property.

Lifetime protection of item with unlimited investigations, recoveries, and rewards per tag.

24/7 Call center with worldwide accessibility.

Why Search and Return

It works: Over 80% of items protected by Search and Return are recovered within 24 hours.

Our durable recovery tags, and key tags, offer world wide protection. Attach the tag to identify and protect anything you wish.


90% of thieves avoid property with security decals. Plus, our recovery tags’ unique serial number allows law enforcement agencies to identify you as the rightful owner of your stolen item.


Your identity is protected because each of our recovery tags has an individual serial number with our 24/7 call center contact information, instead of your name & address.


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