I Have Been a Victim of a Theft – What Should I Do Next?

Being the victim of a theft or break-in is a stressful experience. It’s psychologically unsettling to see your safe sanctuary violated, and at this moment you need to be level-headed and focused. Fortunately, knowing what to do ahead of time can help make it easier if you ever find yourself as a victim of a theft or break-in.

First Steps To Take:

Call Police.  If they indicate, they are attending the crime scene, do not disturb the scene – protect evidence if you can.

Make notes and take pictures and take videos.

Gather all the information you can. If you saw the person (either in person or on that security system), try to remember any information about them including, but not limited to:

Sex  Age  Race  Clothing  Where they went

Why Make Notes?
Some people are better at memorizing this type of information than others, but fortunately, observation and memory retention are things you can practice even if you aren’t currently being victimized. Be aware of your surroundings. How did they enter? What did they take? How did they leave? Were they on foot or in a car? Was there only one person? Several? Any and all information you can provide to law enforcement officers will help.

Regardless of how good your memory is, take videos and pictures. Both before and after a crime. If something is missing from your home, a photograph of your music system will help prove that it was stolen, not “stolen.”

Additionally, any evidence you can provide to the police and insurance companies can help you with your claims. Don’t disturb anything to take videos and photographs. Wait until the police arrive to move anything, but try to provide evidence as close to the conditions you found your home or car in as possible.

Use extreme caution if you attempt to video or photograph the suspected criminal. If you’re face-to-face with the person who is trying to steal from you, let them go. Always cooperate with the thief. There’s time to deal with your property later.

File your insurance claims immediately and don’t forget that if you recently purchased the stolen item with a credit card, they may offer theft coverage.

Review and Repair Your Security Posture

Start first by target hardening your home and property.

Steps to take include – identify the point of entry and close the hole immediately. Were your doors unlocked? Start locking them. Had window broken? Either get it replaced or board it up.  Do you need an alarm?

Also, consider future protection of your property from loss and theft from Search and Return.

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